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1TB Seagate Expansion SSD

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  • 1TB Seagate  Expansion SSD

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1TB Seagate Expansion SSD. Small, fast, and on-the-go ready, Seagate Expansion SSD offers sleek USB 3.0 backup for your Windows or Mac computer. Ultra light, it slips in your bag practically unnoticed. Beyond easy, it makes transferring files a simple matter of drag, drop, done. Enjoy space of up to 1TB for storing loads of photos, and rapid performance for streaming stored videos directly to your computer. Super compact, light, and small enough to fit in your front pocket without weighing it down Easily drag and drop photos and videos to your drive. Even stream videos straight from the drive Take advantage of SSD durability and transfer speeds up to 400MB/s Works with Windows and Mac without the need to reformat. Reformatting is needed for use with Time Machine Enjoy long-term peace of mind with the included 3-year limited warranty
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